Landscape Maintenance

Hunter Landscape is recognized for providing the highest quality landscape maintenance in each market we serve. Weekly maintenance is performed by crews that are continually trained in the latest horticultural practices. Each day, they set the standard in turf and irrigation management, fertilization, seasonal color design, landscape renovation, and professional tree care.

Proactive portfolio managers, field supervisors, and irrigation technicians continually monitor quality, optimize the timing, quantity, and frequency of water applications, and suggest budget conscious ways to enhance your property�s beauty, safety, and water efficiency.

We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding value and customer service while striving to be attentive to the environment by using ecologically responsible products and practices. Hunter Landscape operates a large scale composting facility that processes 100% of the green waste generated by our landscape maintenance and tree care operations. To date, over 2 million yards of green waste has been diverted from local landfills and converted into valuable products such as compost and mulch. In turn, these products are returned to our landscapes to aid water retention, improve soil structure, and control weeds; conserving precious resources and reducing the need for chemicals.

Hunter Landscape�s mobile fleet of professionals is available for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Turf Management

Water conservation is a major concern worldwide, and here in southern California, turf is portrayed as the number-one enemy. The truth is that properly designed turf areas provide numerous environmental benefits, and rather than eliminate turf from landscapes, the emphasis should be focused on the proper design, use, care and management of turf.

Studies show that most landscapes are significantly over-watered by as much as 50%. With correct management practices, your turf can be maintained in a healthy, green, weed free condition without consuming an excess of water. Our water managers and irrigation technicians are committed to saving water and reducing your expenses with proactive controller management, irrigation system tests, and overall site inspections. These steps provide the proper timing, quantity, and frequency of water to insure optimum turf health based upon the turf type, soil type, sun exposure, wind conditions, and season. Proper irrigation management seeks to deliver the minimum water necessary for plant health, eliminate runoff, and eliminate waste caused by broken or leaking sprinklers and valves.

Hunter Landscape also provides aeration, over-seeding, soil testing, and pest control services to insure the health and vitality of your turf.

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Water Management

Whether you believe in global warming or not, recent regulations will dictate the availability and cost of water in Southern California. Protected species legislation, antiquated infrastructure, and the rising cost to purchase and pump imported water has the state and local governments all looking for new ways to force water conservation by imposing more use restrictions and raising rates and fines to force compliance.

Improving irrigation efficiency is not just a matter of installing the latest water efficient heads and a �smart� controller. Installing these devices can only provide the �potential� for efficiency. Efficient irrigation is only achieved when proactive, experienced, water management professionals, consider plant water requirements, soil composition, root depth, microclimate, wind conditions, and time of year to optimize the timing, quantity, and frequency of water delivery.

Hunter Landscape understands that over-watering is a waste of our state�s precious resources and our client�s money. To guarantee water efficiency and healthy plants, the irrigation controller for each site is continually adjusted based on weather conditions and seasonal changes and valves and sprinklers are inspected for leaks and uniform coverage.

Our water management professionals can assist you in developing a water conservation plan, performing irrigation audits, irrigation repairs, system upgrades, and complete landscape renovations incorporating the latest in drought tolerant plant materials and irrigation equipment.

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Enhancement and Renovation

Hunter Landscape has been designing, installing, and maintaining landscapes for over 35 years. So whether you recently acquired a property or feel the need to upgrade and improve a long-term holding, we can handle every aspect of your landscape from a simple area enhancement to a complete landscape and irrigation renovation of the site.

Hunter Landscape can offer options that go beyond your weekly maintenance program to enhance the appearance of your landscape and give it a fresh new look. Our landscape architects and designers can incorporate the latest in water efficient irrigation design and drought tolerant and native plant materials to give your landscape a whole new look while saving water at the same time.

Regardless of your budget, Hunter Landscape can assist you in improving the function and beauty of your landscape.

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Color Enhancement

Color is one of those eye catching elements in a landscape that causes people to take a second look. A brilliant splash of strategically placed color accentuates the overall beauty of your landscape while calling attention to entry monuments and other desired focal points around the site.

Hunter Landscape can develop a seasonal color plan specifically to suit your needs and install it to perfection. Let our team of experts show you what a huge impact an attractive color display can make.

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Twenty-Four Hour Support

Hunter Landscape�s staff of landscape professionals are available in case of an emergency twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Whether your emergency is a broken irrigation mainline, or toppled tree, we can promptly dispatch a qualified professional to help minimize further damage and restore the safety of your property. Simply call our emergency number and we will dispatch a qualified professional to take care of the problem.

Twenty-four hour emergency contact:
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